Designing Patent Portfolios
for Market Leadership
Firm Overview
We Design and Build Strategic Patent Portfolios
Strong Force portfolios provide sustainable strategic advantage and enhanced value.
Using our proven, systematic process and methodologies, our portfolios are:
The Strong Force Design process is shaped by our diverse
competencies, leadership experience, and creativity.
Our Comprehensive View
Our diverse mix of competencies enables us to see a business, its ecosystem, and drivers of IP advantage from many different points of view, which is fundamental to our systematic design process. This comprehensive view fuels a highly systematic, combinatorial invention process and guides prioritization and resource allocation.
Drivers of IP Advantage
The Opportunity for Broader and More Impactful Patents
Companies often are more innovative than they realize. Invention typically occurs in lanes, resulting in missed opportunities to capture innovations that combine elements across the organization and ecosystem. Further, as a space matures and prior art accumulates, the innovations in a single lane tend to become incremental. When boundaries between lanes are removed, new ones form, and the scope of invention and impact is increased.
Our interdisciplinary mix of competencies, focus on the entire organization and industry, and systematic combinatorial process uniquely position us to open broad new lanes for patenting.
Strong Force Matrix™
Our matrix is a key component of our design methodology. It that organizes and combines key drivers of IP advantage into a strategic array of potentially hundreds of patentable combinations. Combining inventions (or even non-inventive elements) from discrete domains can open new domains for broad inventions in targeted areas.
Synthesized Material
Publicly reported transactions of portfolios created using our methodologies
have generated, pro forma, an average 10.6x multiple on invested capital.
Strategic, Market-driven Portfolios
Typical Patent Portfolios
  • Created incrementally from the bottom up
  • Collection(s) of individual patents relevant to a specific line of business
  • Comprised of patents created to protect particular products, technologies, or features – not for value
  • Grown incrementally through adding product features or acquiring companies with related IP
  • Contain smaller numbers of narrow patents, which can be easily circumvented, minimizing value
Strong Force Patent Portfolios
  • Informed systematically from the top down
  • Carefully crafted to leverage trends and dynamics of relevant market segments
  • Designed to strategically cover areas most likely to be valued by investors, licensees, and buyers
  • Efficiently grown through staged filings and capital deployment focused on maximizing ROI
  • Systematically organized and difficult to circumvent
Deep Experience, Senior Relationships & Diverse Competencies
Deep Relationships
  • Working with clients, we have created billions of dollars in value across a wide array of sectors.
  • Through our successful engagements, we have developed and maintained deep relationships with market makers and inventors.
  • Our success is founded on our team’s unique mix of executive-level, cross-functional competencies and expertise.
Cross-functional Competencies
  • Operating experience
  • Leadership and talent
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Corporate development and M&A
  • Capital planning and fundraising
  • Technology and business innovation
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Quantitative modeling
  • Monetization and licensing
  • Transaction planning and execution